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by Andrew Brooker

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Torn in half and across the face - is restoration possible? Seamless repair of tear across face and restoration of portrait Request to remove rider, saddle and jumps Objects removed and photo tone and colour brightened and restored

Restore those special photos, revive memories for future generations.  Professional photo restoration, repair and enhancement service with care, flair and free advice.

Digital photo restoration

Old and new photo restoration

Spots, scuffs and dust marks

Tears and creases


Colour cast

Under exposure

Over exposure

Torn and missing pieces

Mould and water damage

Surface cracks and flakes

Sloping horizons and wonky perspectives

Red eye and cosmetic retouching

Object and people removal and image recomposing



Multiple tears and creases repaired, texture, tone and contrast restored Example of repair needed to badly damaged, torn, creased, faded photo

       Why Photo Restoration Arts?

Serious tears, creases, stains and surface damageSerious tears and creases repaired, texture, tone and contrast after restorationSpots, stains, tears and creases, scrapes and scuff marks, discolouration and muddy tones...Repaired, restored and refreshed

If you’re not in the UK, no problem, send us your digital image files for free advice, fast photo restorations, and we can still post your prints to your home wherever in the world.

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Photo Restoration Arts

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Hopeless?  No, and can you see the join?

The Lady Vanishes. And saddle, reins, and jump.  And so much brighter!

Creased, torn, ripped, repaired and now fully restored.

Creased, torn, ripped, folded up and and faded and now fully repaired and restored.

Scrunched up, scraped, faded and stained.  All fixed

Serving London and the South East, Bristol and the South West, Birmingham and The Midlands, Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield and the North, Cardiff, Swansea and Wales, Glasgow, Edinburgh, the whole of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

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