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Photo restoration price guide

Every photo restoration and enhancement is unique and so an exact price cannot be given without seeing your photos. After a close look, a free quotation will be sent saying what could be done, at what cost, and when - we can talk about the possibilities over the phone if you wish.

This price guide gives a general list of levels of service and costs, including one 7” x 5” print (for additional prints and other sizes, see opposite):

From £12 - basic improvements to colour, contrast and brightness, minor repairs to dust and scratch marks, image cropping

From £16 - restoration to fading, more advanced colour corrections, minor tears and creases

From £24 - extensive damage, colourising, removals and additions, image reconstruction…

When the work is done, the repaired and restored images will be sent (with watermarks) for your approval before payment and, when payment is made, you will receive the images without the watermarks and your print(s).

Please email scanned images for a free quotation for restoring and improving your photos.  If you need to send prints for evaluation, please note that there will be a charge for return postage if you choose not to have us restore the images.

Prints of your photos

All prints are produced manually with an eye to getting the very best out of your photographs.

And if our first effort isn’t good enough, we’ll do it again, and again, and only send you what we ourselves are happy with.

Archive Service

We will scan your photos at high resolution, with the scanner settings adjusted to get the very most out of each print.  The scanned files will be copied to DVD, from which you can view, copy, print and share with friends and family, as well as keep as a backup.

See the Scanning Guide for more information on scanning your photos or sending in your prints.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

If you already have photos scanned and ready to be restored, then you can Email them as attachments now to:

Serving London and the South East, Bristol and the South West, Birmingham and The Midlands, Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield and the North, Cardiff, Swansea and Wales, Glasgow, Edinburgh, the whole of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

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