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Scanning your photos

As a general rule, use the highest scanning resolution you can get from your scanner: choose at least 300dpi but 600dpi will almost always get a better result (and go even higher if the photograph is very small).

When saving the image file it produces, also use the highest resolution available: look for phrases such as ‘highest quality’, ‘large file size’, ‘no compression’.  Common picture formats such as JPEG (.jpg), GIF, TIFF and BMP will all be acceptable.  High resolution to get the most detail is the most important factor.  JPEG is fine and other formats may give you huge files.

PDF files can be accepted but this format is designed for documents rather than photos.

The maximum file size that will be received is 25 Mb. Please feel free to email us if you need assistance.

And always scan in colour, even if the photo is B&W.

We can scan your prints for you at high resolution and apply careful adjustments to get the utmost detail and clarity.

Scanning your negatives

If your prints are damaged and faded but you still have the negatives, they can be scanned so that prints can be made that have as much life and brilliance as when the photos were first taken, even if they are dusty or scratched.

We scan your negatives at very high resolution for the best results.

Posting securely

If you don’t want to send a scanned image, and need to send original prints or negatives, please package securely to prevent damage - especially, most especially, if it’s the only copy and you don’t have the negative!  And consider sending by registered post.

The cost of returning prints will depend on size and the method of postage you require.

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Example of repair needed to badly damaged, torn, creased, faded photo After damage repair and restoration of tone and contrast

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